Comments from our Musicians


“Prairie Wind was a good time indeed. A great opportunity for our band to connect with a rural audience. The food was great and the volunteers were helpful, and very hospitable. Great line up too. All in all a remarkably pleasant way to spend the afternoon!” – The Bros Landreth

“We had an awesome time at the Prairie Wind Festival. We thought that all the staff/volunteers were great and helpful and cheerful and ready to have a good time. There was a great fire pit blazing during our set that made for such an awesome atmosphere and beautiful setting for a festival.” – JD Edwards Band

“I had a fantastic time performing at the Prairie Wind Music Fest – it is such a great event that encourages families, musicians, friends and good people to come together. It displays the true spirit and charm of small communities in Manitoba.” – Carly Dow

“Small town hospitality, big festival talent. Quaint and Quality all at once.” – Red Moon Road


“In its opening year, the Prairie Wind Music Festival was a great success. Before we even made our way to Cypress River we were already impressed with the great talent that was recruited for this inaugural music festival. As a performing artist, our experience was hugely positive. Although small, this festival was well organized and the artists were treated very well. Food vouchers, an artists’ lounge where artists could get out of the sun and enjoy some food and drink, and the scenic beauty of the area all contributed to a great experience. We were impressed with the size of the festival grounds and feel that it has potential to grow into something big. Festivals such as these are instrumental in connecting urban people with rural communities, which is important for strengthening Canadian roots and identity. Artists were treated very well for a small festival. Overall, great job everyone! We were happy to be a part of it.” – Rich from The Empty Standards

“Great sound, stage, and the perfect grounds to hold a festival. The hospitality and entertainment line up was top notch, and it was such a pleasure to play at the first annual Prairie Wind Music Festival. Thanks again, twas a blast! Oh…and keep the “taco salad” on the canteen menu list!!” – Marcel Desilets

“The festival was a great success for its first year in my opinion! A fully equipped venue for this size of an event, plenty of space, tones of great music, incredible food and to top it all off wonderful weather. I look forward to the second annual event and what new and improved ideas will come about! Thank you to all the committee and volunteers! Overall, I had a GREAT time and thought everything was well organized, food and music was great!” – Kyle Sierens of Arnie

“Thanks again for having us, it was an honour to be asked! We both had such a lovely day. I’d definitely love to come back in the future. I had a beautiful day at the Prairie Wind Music Festival – everybody involved was really helpful and friendly, the site was perfect, and the audience was lovely. I’d love to come back, whether as a performer or a listener.” – Jenny Berkel

“We were thrilled to be a part of such a magical line up and again thank you times a million for inviting us to the festival / town. Had the BEST time. I also look forward to coming back to play soon in the future. From the moment the Rev and I walked up to this magical little prairie scene with the sun shining, everyone greeting us with warm smiles and the music playing, we knew it was going to be a wonderful day. 14 hours of music, sunshine, dancing and good times, we absolutely cannot wait for next year’s festival already. The hospitality that the town put on for this event was amazing. Everyone was so friendly and couldn’t have asked for better weather. We were honoured to be asked to play and we are excited to watch this amazing festival grow.” – Karli Colpitts of Reverend Rambler

“Prairie Wind Festival is an annual event that brings Manitoba’s rural community members together for a weekend revolving around food, fun, and music. The staff/volunteers are all selfless, and went out of their way to make sure that the musicians were comfortable for the duration of their stay in Cypress River. Can’t wait for 2013!” – TJ of The Magnificent Sevens

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